Multiple filters on repeating group

Hello - I know this is a topic that seems to come up a lot, and I know a number of people have found solutions but I am a total beginner and really struggling!

I’ve got a repeating group displaying listings of kids clothes. I want to:

a. Show all listings, ordered by date listed, when the page loads
b. Filter the contents of the repeating group using two different filters (category and size). I’ve attempted to copy a very useful example that was posted on another thread, and I can get one filter or the other to work… but never both at the same time! Can anyone help? Here’s what I’ve got:

Thank you so much!

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Ok I feel like an idiot - I’ve been trying to do this since yesterday afternoon, finally posted, and worked it out ten minutes later - turns out ‘all fields’ and ‘merged with’ were the key! Cheers everyone.


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