How to avoid repetitive text on dropdown menu?

Hi all,

How can I avoid this from happen?


Thank you very much!

Hi! Had the same issue. The solve is creating another DB item with a list of things for each category you want to reference… make the dynamic data in your drop down that type of thing. Then when referencing the data in a RG or something similar, make the Dropdown a condition in your search, like “do a search for ‘people’ who’s ‘category’ = dropdown value’s ‘category’.

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I’m pretty sure you can use the :unique modifier


Hi!! thanks for the reply.

Sorry but how can I use this? My bubble knowledge is really basic = (

thanks a lot!

Hi! thanks a lot for the hand!

My problem is that the data is really dynamic, the user will add the department name at each saved item. So this drop-down is getting data from the database where the users are saving the items. This is making reference to the column “Department” from the data base, so the too many users can type the same department name, I think this is where the problem is…

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