How to best display a List of Texts in a Repeating Group?

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I’m trying to work out the best, most-logical way to set up a database in regards to displaying a List of Text in a repeating group so that each item displays on it’s own unique row.

For a simplistic example. I have a data type called “People”. There is a field for their full name. Each person has a few nicknames that is held in another field called “nicknames” which is a List of Texts: See Option 1

Each nickname for each person in that database field is in this format: “Rocko, Slim, Spanky”

GOAL: To display the nicknames into a repeating group so that each row of the RG shows only one of the names per row: i.e.: Row 1 shows “Rocko”, Row 2 shows “Slim”, Row 3 shows “Spanky”.

Should I set my database up as per Option 1?

Or should I do something like Option 2a/2b where I have a separate data type that is called Nicknames, and a field within that called “nicknamesField” which is a List of Texts. Then in the People data type add that Nicknames data type as a field?

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Hey @underhill.dan

Option 1 is good enough for that kind of search
Option 2 would take more time to load as the search would have to go through 2 data types to retrieve the nicknames, instead of 1 with Option 1

If you know that you want to display only the nickname in the repeating group then option 1 is good. Just make sure to set the Repeating Group type to text and you will be good to go.

If you want to be able to display additional fields in the repeating group related to each nickname then option 2b is the way to go. Option 2a it seems to be a bit redundant. It is basically the same thing of option 1 but you have a single table where you should save the person related to those nicknames otherwise you wouldn’t be able to display them anyways.

In case you decide to go for option 2b (I would go for that) the type of the repeating group should be set to Nicknames and not text though.

Also in option 2b the nickname should be of type text and each row should have also the people reference associated to each nickname. So you would have a row for each nickname.

I hope it helps.

Thanks for the reply. I’m going with Option 1.

I have created a Group element and have set the Type of Content to People. Inside I have placed a repeating group and set it’s type to Text with its data source set to Parent Group’s People’s Nicknames…

I have a Text element within that repeating group set to display Current cell’s text…

When I click on a name in the left group, it indeed displays the associated nicknames, but does so only on one line in the Nicknames repeating group…

The goal is to have each nickname on it’s own row instead of all being in one row. What am I missing in order to break them out so that each nickname that is delineated by a comma in the database will occupy its own row?


Any advice on how to take this list of text and display it on individual lines in a RG?

You may be sending the data in the wrong way.

Check the link:

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Thanks Grace,

Your example here explained everything to me. I was simply formatting my List of Texts the wrong way. I was separating each item with a “,” instead of surrounding it with a space on both sides like this: " , ".

Also I found that when I upload csv data into my database, for that list to import correctly I need to have the items surrounded by brackets like this: [item1 , item2 , item3]

When I do that I can import data into the List of Text field and it imports just dandy.

Thanks again for your help!

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I am having a similar issue.

I have a list that displays on 1 line of the repeating group.

but i’d like it to look like 1 per line as intended

I looked at the example above but am unsure what I am doing wrong. Can anyone provide a suggestion?

Hey @jared.gibb

Instead of putting Search for employees and pinpoints’s pinpoints - descriptions in the text inside the cell of the RG, put it as the data source of the RG.
Then change the text to display Current cell’s text

Hope that helps

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Thankks for such a quick reply. Continuing to mess with the settings produced this fix!

Here are the settings that produced the desired results!
Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 4.46.26 PM Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 4.46.17 PM

the rough final product

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Cool! Glad you got it working


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