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How to bind a new member to a team leader automatically

Hi all! I’m looking forward to building a human resource network. The scenario is like this: we want to build an online human resource platform, the members would be from all countries. To manage the future work, and also to expand our net, we would set up a "team leader“ role. The idea is to give every team leader a registration link with his team code inside. The new user who registered on that link will be automatically assigned to that team leader.
Since I’m new to bubble, can anyone please tell me how to make this happen? Or is there any smarter idea to deal with it?

Hey jiaqizhou61,

What you are asking is definitely possible.

  1. For example, you have a data type team:

  1. And the data type user which has a field Team of data type Team:


  1. Create the sign up workflow for new users and determine the users team based using Search for and a parameter team in the URL:


  1. Now create a page where the team leaders can invite future team members to sign up:


  1. Create a workflow triggered by the button and add the “Send email” action. In the body add the link to the sign up page and add the parameter team to the URL like this:

  1. Place the cursor in the field body just behind the parameter team and then using “Insert dynamic data” to add the current user’s team’s unique id.

This way, when the email is composed and send it will add the team of the team leader sending the email. The user will be able to sign up and the team will be automatically set for this new user.

If you don’t know how to create workflows, do searches etc., follow the lessons on the academy page from Bubble to get a good introduction.