How to Build a Discord Clone Without Code

In this post, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of building a Discord clone with Bubble. Whether you’re looking to build a chat app or you’re just interested in utilizing some of Discord’s core features, this guide will share how to start building the underlying workflows for your product.

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There is no Server type for the date field.

  • servers joined (type: Server. Tick “this field is a list.” Doing so will allow you to add multiple servers to this field.)

Followed this all the way to the point just before the Choosing who to chat with section at this setting

but could not find the option for - Content = Input Direct Messages Value. I created an Input or Input Message Text element but it does not appear. Not sure what I am missing here.
Anyone get past this point?

OOps, I had added a text field instead of an input field named Direct Message.
Thanks for the help @miguelrggr

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Did you figure out what to do? I’m stuck here too.

Is there anyway that you could include the create video call inside with bubble into this clone?

Ok so im on the part where i do the
sign up/profile page
and i cant find current user and current users picture value

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same . It says to add current user’s NAME but there is not a NAME field setup in the database. There’s a nickname… is that the same thing? Very confusing for the noobs.

I have spent over 2 hours trying to figure out just how the first part after the nav bar repeating group. If you are going to make a tutorial for Bubble to make people think Bubble can do things, it would be helpful to have the document actual work.