How To Build A Trivia or Quiz App With No Code

Love trivia? Here’s a quick one for you...

Question: Is it possible to build powerful software without writing a single line of code?

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I have a problem with this step.
I was following the tutorial on this webpage

And the tutorial gives the option to “add”, though the program seems to automatically provide the “=” function.

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I’m also having issues with this step, any help would be appreciated

Everything was following fine until the repeating group on the home page. For whatever reason, it won’t display any text, even though the categories I created show up in the database and in the dropdown menu when adding questions. Very strange, any help would be appreciated.

This was easy to follow and worked fine, but my question would be what if there is more than one question per category? We’re currently set up to add unlimited questions per category, but after that question, say we put a “next question” button, how would we get the next question for that category? Currently we search for the “first item” in the questions list for that category, so this would have to change, or we would have to modify the list every time to remove or move the “first item”

Please advise