Video Player for Sports Game Analysis


I’d like to be able to build a similar service to Hudl (, which my sport uses a lot for game analysis and breakdown. It allows the uploading of video and you can play it back at full speed, frame by frame or faster. There’s also options for splicing video when uploading.

I have a couple of questions for more experienced experts than I (@levon, @emmanuel, et al):

  • Assuming that getting space to upload these videos is easy via an external storage system (AWS, etc), are there any known video player options on the market which could do what I’m asking?
  • Could said player be integrated into Bubble?
  • Has anyone used Bubble to build a simple video editor/splicer before or had as much detailed playback?

Building a hudl would be sweet. My football team uses it a ton and I love it.

I would look at using a JavaScript library for video editing. For a project way back I looked into moviemasher.js, it was more than I needed but might be worth looking into. I’m sure you can find someone on the forum to help build you a plug-in that you can use.

Wow, moviemasher is an enormous package. Lots of features.

At least to begin with, splicing the video would be good but it’s not 100% required, playback should be frame by frame and full speed. That’s essentially it for features.

Annotation and other things would be great but aren’t required. At least not yet.

WeVideo looks like it might be a good option but it’s not really clear yet.

there is no need for external storage as you can simply pay to Bubble for getting extra space (the default is 10GB if i’m not mistaken but you can get another 10GB for 10/month - but please double check the pricing here Pricing | Bubble)

we have built a video player plugin which you can check here Video Player Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode but we don’t have frame by frame play back (which we perhaps could build). Video editing should be done through a special plugin which we could perhaps build as well if you list the features you need.
Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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