How to build website traffic generator tool and app?

Hi all .i want build an website traffic generator tool and app .but i don’t ideas how to start .i need some suggestion.please help me .

What functions do you want?

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I no need any complex functions.just put website link into box (box-1)
and add some description(box-2)
some tags (box-3),thats the tool/app

Sure, I would suggest you start with some basic bubble tutorials to follow along with, once you’ve done some you’ll be able to do that easily.

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Please master share with me a link for start as i want

Take a look at

@lachlankirkwood1 makes great tutorials :fire:


Thank you for reply back me. I am hearing disabled person.i can understand only text language.i want build single user private chatbot.he give me exact info about my inquiry.

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Wonderful! :slightly_smiling_face: