How To Calculate Shipping

Hey everyone. I’m currently setting up a store that would sell both nationally and internationally. This would mean different pricing for shipping to each country.

I have a ball park number of around $6.75 nationally for shipping and internationally there are three zones. 1 = $18.67. 2 = $21.52 and 3 = $25.70.

How would I figure out what country a person is in so I can get their zone, then charge them their specific shipping cost but also set up a certain price that would allow free shipping. Like nationally $100 = free shipping, zone 1 = $150, 2 = $175, 3 = $200. I’ve looked at shippo but my prices are specific to sendle and I would like to use them instead.

Thank you.

Hi @lockymadera - have you looked at Sendle’s API to see if can automatically calculate costs based on where you’re shipping to? There may be info in their API documentation to tell you what address info is needed to calculate shipping costs. Then have your Customers enter that info into your app.

how would I go about using the sendle api? I’m not 100% sure on how to make a plugin for bubble or use api’s

There are a few things you’ll need to do:

  1. Get Sendle account (sounds like you have one already?)
  2. Install Bubble’s API Connector to your app
  3. Read thru Sendle’s API documentation to figure out which functions you need in your app.
  4. Implement those API actions using the API Connector. You will need your app setup with the relevant data inputs and text fields so when the API actions occur (ie in your app’s workflow), you’re app is reading/writing the correct data.

Note - you can try out the API functions by typing in the action into your browser’s URL. This is a nice capability which allows you to try out the behavior of an API function before implementing it in your app. Here’s one example they provided:
I don’t have a Sendle account so I can’t get past the login popup.

Hope this gets you a few more steps towards a working solution.

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