How to call API inside element section of plugin

Hi, I hope you are doing well.
I am trying to create a plugin to give a user a menu with three input fields id, token, and query.
I have succeeded in creating the API. However, I am struggling with creating fields and making the API call only when the user inputs the fields and clicks on call API.
Right now I can add the plugin and create the input fields in the app and it works but I can’t manage to do it in the plugin.
I am struggling with this for a whole day.
I would really appreciate any help.
I can provide my code if needed. Thanks

Can you show something what you have done? maybe that way more people can help.

Thanks for the help, here is my code, I am trying to create three input

The first thing is that I want to get the value that the user is typing in, the event listener is not working.
Secondly, I have an API call

I want to call this API with the values user inputs and when the user clicks on the button(which I will add)

You can’t pass the value from the element to the API …

In the API calls, you don’t need to pass “id” - its dynamic by default.

It can only be done through app?

And what about event listener, can i do it or not.

Yes, as far as I know…

And what about event listener, can i do it or not. Can i call the event listener like i am doing it above

you can add the event listener in the element…

Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it.

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