How to Change 10.000 registers? Bubble Capacity

Hi There !

Whenever I need to change a big amount of registers I find myself in trouble (10K - right now)…
A simple change, let’s say to a bolean field (Yes to No) is enough to hit server capacity…
Right now I’m trying to change my whole database (a single field) to easy my workflow, I can’t do real progress in a quick way…

There must be a way, a Technique to do that in Bubble.

  1. Should I process everything in backend? Is it better? I guess so, but I’m here to hear…
  2. Is there a manual, videos, or anything to master Backend Workflows?

Wondering if it is possible to trigger 500 Changes, after those first 500 are done, the system could triggers another 500 registers till the end…?

So, how do you guys deal with that?

I believe you’re looking for Backend Recursive Workflows.

Here’s a tutorial:

Exactly ! Tks very much !!!

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