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Organizing database columns

Hello all

I’m trying to organize the columns of my database into an order that makes more sense. After awhile I discovered that you can actually drag the columns into a different order, which was great. However, every time the page is refreshed, the order is reset to the default, random order. I end up having to do this every time I go to analyze my data, mega time waster. Why are the preferences not stored? Am I missing something?

Thank you

No way to save the order of columns (that I know of), but if you plan on doing a lot of a data management, you might be better off designing your own interface on a page for yourself. That way you have much more control over how it works.

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@romanmg Is there still no way to save the order of the columns in database view?

It’s easy to create simple custom views by reordering and resizing the columns, but as @jammondmusic notes, all that work is lost when the page is refreshed.

Seems odd that Bubble developed this interface to reshape everything, but it cannot be saved :frowning: