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How to change one thing in a database of one repeating group clicking button on another repeating group with its own database

Hi there

I have two different repeating groups screenshot with different databases Screenshot.
So I have one repeating group that is

  1. RepeatingGroup Products screenshot with own database “All Products”
    and I have another repeating group that is
  2. RepeatingGroup Cart Items with own database “All Cart Items”

The general idea it’s that I have products, every product has a narrow quantity. When the user adds one product to the Cart, after that our the system creates data about it in the database “All Cart Items” and shows already this item on the RepeatingGroup Cart Items.

How I said previously, every product has a narrow quantity. It means that when the user adds
one product to the Cart, we should subtract 1 from the piece for this current Product in the Database “All Products”, I know how to make it, it doesn’t problem.

When we have created a selected product in the Cart see my example. The product “xxx” has 3 pieces, after how we added this product to the cart, our system subtracts 1 piece.

Such interesting happens next, when the user would like to increase the quantity of product.
screenshot, we have to make changes to the database “All Products” for the current product on the Cart, but I don’t know how to do this.
Because when I do “Workflow” for icon “plus” and I make changes to the thing, I only can change everything into the database “All Cart Items”. see my screenshot

The main idea why I need to have this feature is because in real-time many users can buy this product, but if one of them has already bought all quantity of this product, we should show how many pieces of this product we have. For example, Mike bought 2 pieces, so Max can already buy a maximum of 3 pieces.

Thanks for helping. :pray: