Updating Database in Repeating Group the data for which is not pre-defined

Hi everyone,

I need guidance on how to accomplish the below:
There are 2 databases - they meet in an RG and details are created or updated (if previously created).
DB 1 - Brands/Models created by the user for the mobile phone brands, then in RG he chooses which ones he wants to enable in the database, then updates stock quantity for it.
And the data is saved in the DB2 - Stock.

Name (text)

Brand (Brand)
Quantity (number)
(Another datatype/field here for the Company or User?)

When they pick from the list of brands to “enable in the database” they create a new Stock in your database with the relevant Brand filled in.

Then in the RG just search for Stock, and have an input box so you can modify the Quantity field. And a text element displaying the Stock’s Brand’s Name

Thanks a lot for taking time to answer!

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