How to change text input by clicking in a FOCUS group


something I expected to be easy turns out to be complicated (or I’m just confused)!

In short: I’m using a focus group as a drop down below an input field to display search suggestions, while the user types. I want that, if a user clicks on one of the search suggestions, it appears in the input field.

Example Google:
First you see the proposals

After clicking it appears in the input field

I’ve tried the “reseat relevant inputs”, but since the focus group cannot be placed in one group with the input field, it doesn’t get reseted.

Any ideas?

Thanks, but the issue occurs specifically in Focus Groups. I think the case you’re showing is different. I’ve found a solution, but it’s more complicated.

im using group focus on both of those examples. can you illustrate your problem,
it shouldn’t matter where the input is.

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