[NEW CHALLENGE] Repeating Group Challenge

I have a challenge for experienced bubble developers. I have a scenario where I have 2 repeating groups. Repeating group 1 which utilizes an api to perform a search for a set of results. It has an input box, a search button and the repeating group as shown:

Underneath that is a second repeating group which pulls a straight list from another api, with no user input as shown:

DESIRE: I want the user to be able to click on a value (AAA,BBB,CCC,etc) and it will put that value into input box of the first repeating group and render the results in the first repeating group…

What I have now works fine upon initial page load. When a value like AAA,BBB,etc is clicked it puts the value in the input box and gives the results. You can continue to click other values and the results appear correctly. The problem is that when the user actually clicks in the input box at some point, then the whole process stops working… Here is some of my settings:


Can someone tell me where I am going wrong… ? I want it to keep working as it does before someone enters something in input box…

This one is really stumping me!?

Hi @bkhoward2001,

Once an input is modified (even if it’s just clicked into), you’ve overridden its “initial” state, so you need to reset the input every time you make a selection from the 2nd RG. Put the input inside a group, and at the start of the selection workflow, add the action “Reset Data.” The group to reset is the one that contains the input.

@romanmg That did it!!! Thank you!

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