How to change the message of “Send confirmation email” action?

I must be missing an obvious point.

How do I change the text within the email sent by “Send confirmation email” action?

Hi there, @redvivi… you can find the subject and body of that email on the Settings >> Languages tab, and you can change them there.


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I assume that it is also possible to apply a Sendgrid template ID on it ?

Check “Just make token, don’t send email” and send the token in a separate “Send an email” action :smiley:

Unfortunately it does not exist on that action…

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Oops I was looking at the password reset action, NVM.

I don’t believe that’s possible, but I’m not 100% sure.

Bumping this. Having control over the “Send confirmation email” action to:

  • Send from a better email provider NOT SendGrid (because their email delivery is unreliable)
  • Professionalize the contents of the email

Would be a huge improvement. Bubble team please consider making parity with the “Just create the token” option found in the Reset Password email. @bubble

I sent them an email few weeks ago and they said they would add it to their suggestion list.

Then also in the most recent February community update Josh said that was in the works to get the confirmation token

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Wouldn’t it be possible to just have a separate workflow step to send an email, after ‘Sign the user up’, and then have an ‘email_verified’ (Y/N) field on the user account?

Am I missing something…?


Maybe be useful to you here so you can send in a separate action with template ID

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