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Is there a way to confirm email using other senders apart from Sendgrid?

Hi , I have a question regarding the email confirmation pathway on bubble. I have a sendgrid account but i think i need to migrate away from them , because the service is terrible. Most of the email for my users signing up never get delivered and automatically enter the blocked mail in sendgrid. I have 15 emails so far.

My question is that if I were to move off sendgrid to another Email Service ( recommendations welcome , preferably one that has a plugin that allows dynamic data for links) , is there a way to move the email confirmation as well? i would be interested to hear people’s experience with this.

I’d appreciate any advice.


Ayo from Dublin :shamrock:

same here. Just realised sendgrid sucks. Any one has a better experience with other email companies?

Yes, sendinblue and it works like a charm

I switched to postmark and then stopped the confirmation email sent by bubble…

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I have already moved away from sendgrid because they are terrible. I now use postmark and its amazing.

I use the Rich Postmark emails plugin by @vini_brito :

Yes, you can move the password reset and email confirmation to any provider. See this thread for more info.


thanks for sharing this @ralphlasry ! I just ignored this part of email confirmation and password reset for now but this link is vey much welcome

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Can you get rich text, links, bold, colours etc to work with the plugin? Seems to not be working for me…

Haven’t tried recently so I don’t remember. But also make sure you’re plugin is up to date. You can check on the plugin page within your app to see if there is an update available.

is this with post mark plugin ? You probably can do all these things using Html and CSS if you know those for the specific things you need…e.g <b>help</b> to put help in bold etc…

Yes, using the plugin. I had copy and pasted my emails from send with sendgrid to send with postmark, not using the html section for the postmark action…

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Hello @Christophe_HK
I’m trying to use sendinblue to validate bubble accounts. Can you please provide me more details on your setup ? Thanks a lot !

Hey @theo.voglimacci1,

Yep sure, but u can’t right now. Ping me by Sunday pm if I’ve not post anything on this topic!

Hey @theo.voglimacci1,

In fact it’s simple, just add the sendinblue email address you’ve set in your Sendinblue account in the app settings / Domain Email section (sender email field). This address must be validated by sendinblue.

And when sending email from your app, use this email address. That’s it…

Hey, thanks for your answer.
In fact, i don’t see “sender email field” in the app settings page.
Only sendgrid api key and sender name.
Do you have a plugin installed to send your verification emails with sendinblue ?
Do you use the build in bubble email verification system (database hidden field) or did you build a custom one with transactionals sendinblue emails ?

Hey @theo.voglimacci1,

My bad, you’re right, sorry. The field is sender name, not sender email. I filled in this field with my sendinblue email address, but I don’t use the built-in email facility provided by Bubble.

I don’t use any plugin, but the API connector and the sendinblue api.

In fact, my app is based on the Airdev Canvas Starter Template, and in this template they use also the Api connector Ith sendgrid. I removed sendgrid to use sendinblue instead. And it works fine, it’s really good, I’ve no failure when sending emails and the deliverability is excellent using sendinblue, even when sending email to Hotmail or yahoo email adresses.

How do you use it to confirm email for first time signups?

Did you figure it out? I still cannot use Postmark to send email confirmation or password reset. Can someone help me out. I have already checked other links.