How to change yes / no field in database with input form

Hi I’m a n00b and this is my first app. I’ve become frustrated trying to find the answer to something that should be so simple I don’t know why it doesn’t work or how to get it to work.

I have a Website database type with a field called “Follow” which is a yes / no field. I created a form with various inputs to create a new thing for this type and a submit button to add them all to the database.

This works for all the fields but not the yes / no field. I’ve searched through the forums but there’s no clear explanation on anything.

As per screenshot, for “Follow =” I don’t understand the workflow for setting a yes / no field. The option above is for a Check box, is checked, isn’t checked, how does that work with a yes / no field? I’ve tried input, drop down and radio button as well to set this field and it’s all just as opaque.

Can someone walk me through this?


@khurram.aziz simply click “is checked”. (Follow = Checkbox Do Follow is checked)

If the check box is checked, the follow field will be “yes” in your database.

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What do I set in the work flow? It’s not working like that, it’s giving me a blank in the database :-/

Click the checkbox, set the workflow, select it on the front end and it just gives me blank. Can i do this with another element? Input/dropdown/radio button? Which method would work best.

I’d prefer to have an input where they just type in “yes” or “no”, still doesn’t work.

hmmm I think checkbox is the correct input form for a yes/no field though. For some reason it seems that your follow field is deleted. I’m guessing theres some setup issues there. Do you mind sharing your editor to everyone can view so I can take a look on this?

Oh i see, the database view was displaying a deleted field “Follow”. I edited it to view the actual “Follow” field and it works not. Thanks, good tip.