How to check what is effecting my page load-speed

Im trying to get my homepage load-speed down to a minimum, currently it takes around 5-6 seconds on mobile.

How do i check who the troublemakers are?

Share your URL for some better insights.

However, if you’re on a paid plan above personal, note that the most-likely culprit is Bubble’s own throttling. As you might have noticed, page load and page navigation on hobby and personal plans is – most of the time – suitably speedy. However, this becomes not true when you migrate to plans with reserved/dedicated capacity. That capacity is used for your entire app stack and – IMHO – there’s a serious resource allocation issue with respect to the web server part of the stack. Bubble inserts ridiculously long delays between page request and the initial HTTP response. If you’re seeing this:

In your browser’s status bar, that’s what’s happening. Bubble is just waiting for a while to download crap like jQuery and whatever other dependencies all Bubble apps have. You almost never see this on hobby apps as any available shared capacity is used to keep the web server snappy. But when you move to dedicated capacity you ONLY have access to the units you are buying.

Problem is, you might be buying all units you need to ensure your CPU/backend processes are never being throttled, but still see bad web server performance. Nothing you can do about that at the moment except overspend for capacity. #shrug

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Hi Cheskiefisch,

For me the main issue was having multiple search requests to slightly different datasets, which are being handled by Bubble in a serial matter, even worse when one result is being used as a condition for a followup search.
Something which probabaly is not a best practice is I ended up saving the specific personal data the user needs on page load in a thing and made that page with that data available for the user. That actually shaved of multiple seconds.

I might sound like a broken record as I already shared this link today on the forum but the following forum post provided me with a lot of knowhow ‘how to up the performance’:


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