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We have built the app on the bubble, but our page speed insight is very low. On desktop as well as mobile. Our users also complaining about the same.

Here is the link for Google speed insight - PageSpeed Insights

Please help us to make page speed better and insight score more than 70.

Please let us know end to end approach for the same.


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Thanks for posting! When page load speeds are slow, you’ll want to make sure that you are keeping a few important factors in mind: app optimization, capacity usage, and use of external services.

App Optimization: Our best practice guidelines for app performance have been outlined pretty extensively by one of our cofounders, Josh, on our forums: you can take a look at this thread to get started, or search for Josh’s performance-related posts if you need any more details.

We also have an expert user on the forum who recently wrote The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance that gives a really great un-biased opinion of how to optimize your application. It’s definitely worth a look.

Capacity: You can use a free capacity boost on any of our plans to see if your application could benefit from additional capacity (check out this forum post for more details). Do note that you can only add capacity units to your application on a permanent basis when using the Professional and Production plans. Changes to the number of your app’s capacity units are billed on a prorated basis.

In particular, you can use the following charts to better understand your capacity usage:

  • Periods where the app hit its maximum capacity (%): This will show you the times when you reached maximum capacity and your application may have become rate-limited. You can cross-reference these times in the server logs to see what activity occurred in your application at that time.

  • Average CPU usage against the available capacity (%): This will give you an idea of how much capacity your application is using on a regular basis. If you find that your application is often using a high percentage of your available capacity, you might consider trying a capacity boost or upgrading your capacity.

  • Workflow runs and page views: These will allow you to track high points in the number of workflows running or users on your application at specific time intervals.

  • Capacity pie chart: This will show the breakdown of capacity used by different parts of the app within the past 24 hours. Click into a fraction of the chart for more information about that part of the application.

  • Workflow runs and storage: This will give you the number of workflows run in the current month and the total file storage that your application is currently using.

  • Page load metrics: These will allow you to compare metrics for pages loaded in the last 60 minutes. This includes 1) the time it takes for the page to finish rendering elements, 2) the time it takes for the page to finish rendering the elements and fetch and display dynamic data for above-the-fold-elements, and 3) an estimate of the total data the page requires in order for all the above-fold elements to finish loading.

External Services: Sometimes, API calls happening on the page or third-party plugins can cause slower loading time depending on what they are accomplishing. This can often not be solved on the Bubble end, and you may even see some errors in the console if this is the case.


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