Bubble vs Google Appmaker vs Powerapps

I see this topic has been touched on in 2017… anyone willing to share their more current thoughts and general observations as all three platforms has come a long way.

Thxs in Advance JM

I think bubble is #1 but I’m also interested in what others think about the other web-app builders out there…

Those other platforms aren’t really made for public facing apps, they’re more for internal business apps. I think a better comparison is Wappler. Id never use Powerapps for something I’d build in Bubble, they just don’t do the same things.


I currently work for a company who seems stuck on SharePoint and Excel. No need for public facing access. Their MO is “If we can’t do it in SharePoint we’ll do it in excel…and/or put it back into SharePoint.” Now, again, I’ve heard recent talk of PowerApps. I looked into that briefly and it doesn’t seem as user-friendly as Bubble would be.

Does PowerApps do anything Bubble wouldn’t do just as well, or better?

PowerApps makes it easier to leverage all your existing data within the Microsoft ecosystem at the company. The integrations are native and “just work,” while Bubble would require a bunch of fiddling. Additionally, the security and privacy are going to be higher with PowerApps, as you aren’t running everything through someone else’s (Bubble’s) servers.

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Right. Makes sense. The building part just didn’t seem as intuitive as Bubble is.

And SharePoint IS SO DAMN SLOW!!! :grimacing:

Thanks for your feedback.