How to compare current cell with the cell before it in a repeating group


I want to compare the BG-color of the current cell with the cell before. In conditional formatting I want to do the following:
If the cell before this cell has a red background color then current cell’s background color should also be red.

Any idea how to achieve this? I have tried several setups but I can’t find a way to look at the cell before the current cell.

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This is — quite frankly — either a very dumb limitation or a bug. As you’ve noticed you can’t seem to build an expression that includes something like (current cell’s index +/- some-number).

Workaround is to put an input (it can be disabled and styled as invisible) in the cell. Do the math there. Like if u need current cells previous set it’s placeholder and initial value to current cell’s index-1.

Then grab it’s value: input_name’s value.

I just ran into this again yesterday and it literally makes me want to strangle somebody.



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