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How to connect API connector to PieChart (line/bar chart)?

Hi Dear,

I am strugling with connecting bubble API connector to Pie Chart.
I also need to create a workflow - get data button. When it is clicked - the data from API should be transferred to Pie chart.
Could you kindly please explain what steps I should do and what I missed?

With respect.

I assume you want the chart to update every time someone clicks the button? If so, why are you scheduling a workflow? Why don’t you just read the data right into the pie chart?

Yes, exactly I just need it only when someone clicks the button.
Frankly speaking I didn`t know that scheduling a workflow is not necessary in this case.
But then I really do not know how to connect the particular button “Get data” with the Pie Chart in order to launch the similar to API call (Get Request) action.

The second question is - even when I set as a source the external API - I see now changes in the Chart.

Are there any similar cases or any insights/tutorials how to connect a Chart to API?

I guess my question is, what do you want the chart to show prior to the button being clicked? Is there a chart there at all, as in, does the button just show the chart, or is the button supposed to update the data every time the button is clicked?

If it’s the first, then I would just have the button show the chart and the api call won’t be made until the chart is shown. Then for your data source of your chart, set it to the API call. I can’t tell from your screenshots if that’s what you’ve done and the data source is “get data from external api” and then chose which of the response values are to be plotted.

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For example, it can be clean circle before the data retrieval. Below are several examples of what it could look like:


Ideally, I would need the search bar for introducing the keyword, and then after sending Get request to api provider - the Chart will display sentiment information.
Like here:

Thank you!

So then have a static circle show before the button click and the actual chart be shown on button click and set up the type of data and data source as I previously mentioned

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However, I am still confused regarding how to connect button “Get Data” to Pie Chart. You say that there is no need of workflow here, then how it can be done withou it?

When the chart is shown, it will make the api call

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Where, show me please?

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Many Thanks Dear Paul !!! :+1: :+1: :+1: