How to connect text with RG - hide category title for horizontal repeating group

Hi everyone, I’m trying to hide a text element based on if a repeating group is visible or not but the text element keeps staying there even though the group with the rg has been filtered out or is hidden. The text is a category title for the horizontal repeating group.

It works if the text is inside the cell of the repeating group but the problem is that the category title populates on every cell in the horizontal rg if I do it that way.

Any advice on how to accomplish what I’m trying to do?


@brookelustig If you want the text element to only be visible if the repeating group has entries in it, a better condition to use would be

When Repeating Group’s first item is not empty - This element is visible [checked]

If on the other hand you simple use a condition that text should be visible only when RG is visible, then it will be true every time. Even if the RG is empty.

The first item is not empty will actually check if there are entries in the RG or not.

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@sharma.himanshu0608 Thank you for your help! Got it to work by using the following,