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[SOLVED] Show element on hover of Repeating Group

@emmanuel I only want to show the “Dismiss” text when a user is hovering over the Repeating Group cell. I cannot find that option (“Is Hovered”) in the Conditional tab for elements that are in the Repeating Group.

If you create a group inside the cell, you can use the “on hover” condition.

You got me excited, but that didn’t work.

Do you have a link to the editor?

It’s because you’re using a repeating group. Place a shape or button over the first cell and then edit the conditional formatting.

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I’ve replicated in the forum app. I think this may be a bug.

Take a look in the GroupFocus Notifications element.

@dylan.phillipslevine none of the elements are showing “is hovered”. It may be because I have a Repeating Group inside of a Group Focus element.

@dylan.phillipslevine Thanks Dylan! Targeting the button instead of the cell was the trick. I got everything I needed to work.

Here’s the fruits of our labor. :slight_smile:

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It’s… beautiful.

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