How to connect to MS SQL Database

I would love to give Bubble a test-drive. I intend to use it to build a webpage where an user can retreive certain fields from a database and then edit some of them and commit back to the database.

I am having troubles connecting to a MS SQL Database. I keep getting the message: login failed for user ‘administrator’. while trying to connect to the MS SQL database.

Could someone explain to me how the connection string should look?


DBSQL is the name of the server. I would like to connect to a database called RK_Test that contains several tabels.
When I connect to the database using Microsoft SQL Management Studio I am using the username DBSQL\administrator with Windows authentication (administrator and login password). I triple-checked the credentials and switched off our firewall. Also I allowed external connections in MS SQL Management Studio. I tried every possible connection string without any success. Could someone please advice on what connection URL I should use in Bubble?

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It’s a bit hard to help as this is more a question for a tech admin on your team. We’ve confirmed this works if the database is opened (with a password of course.). Is there any chance you have a test database that you can share the password/username of so that we can help you test?

Hi. I know this is an old post, but i have the same problem. I have a MSSQL database, but get an error when I try to connect.

My connectionstring is as follows;
I have set the database type to Microsoft SQL.

Connection issue Connection attempt failed: Failed to connect to in 15000ms
I have also tried to connect to a mySql database on the same host without any problems.

I used the wrong port. Correct port is 1433, not 3306.

Perhaps stating the obvious, but sometimes I forget to open up access in the firewall, and mysql config to match the remote location accessing the server.


Hi, I am also having the issue of connecting to MS SQL database to retrieve data from database and display.

Same here – I get the time out message: Connection issue Connection attempt failed: Current fiber timed out after 65000 ms

I am using Azure Sql. Since this is just a test, I set the firewall to accept any incoming IP addresses. Anything else I can do to connect via this plugin?