Microsoft SQL Connector


I have been searching everywhere, and I know this is a question that has been asked before. But, I simply cannot find the solution.

I am trying to connect my Microsoft SQL Server to my application, but keep receiving an error.

The connection string is not working.

I am using: mssql://test:test@14.0.1000:1433/D1H

Any advise helps.

Thank you.

Hey @lantzgould,

Haven’t dealt with MS sql, but I think my comments from mysql are still applicable.

  • Firewall – Make sure you can connect to the mssql server remotely from another source, like your desktop. Typically an sql server is locked down pretty tight. You might need to open up access in your firewall and server settings. Unfortunately, there is not a static IP address on the Bubble side, so you either need it opened up broadly, or maybe Bubble can provide the current range.

  • Encoding values – The string in Bubble used to connect should be URL encoded. This is usually a gotcha in the password which often has characters, not just alpha numeric values.

Specifically about the string you show above, 14.0.1000:1433 is not a valid address, but maybe that just got lost in copying over.

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Hi @mebeingken,

Thank you for your reply. Can you forward me the link so I can read through what you’ve previously posted? I do have MySql, maybe I should use this instead of MS… Have you had success with MySql? If so, how did you connect it? I have MySql Workbench… but am not 100% familiar with the in’s and out’s of it as I haven’t used it much.

Thanks again!

I’ve connected mysql to bubble using the sql database connector. Just make sure to look at the firewall and encoding when setting up the connection string that is provided as an example within the plugin.

try this sintax.