[New Feature] DB Connector support for Microsoft SQL

We just added a new type of database you can connect with with the DB Connector: Microsoft SQL. If you have an existing backend on this system, you can now use it with your Bubble app!


Hey, this is great!

Thanks for adding!!


That’s awesome! Now we just need LDAP authentication so we can connect to Active Directory and other directory services to start in on Enterprise customers. Watch out ServiceNow and Salesforce, here comes Bubble. :smiley:


Hello, can you help me with a very basic issue?

I am using Microsoft SQL, I made a local Database. What should I write on “server_path”? Where can I see the path or ip or port?

Thank you

This is more a question for your DB administrator, but it can look like an IP address, for instance.

I found the IP and decided a specific port.

Here is my connection string model, what did i write wrong?


The error that is returning me is the one in the image

We can’t say, that means the connection isn’t happening, so you should check with your IT person. Maybe the port, password, etc are wrong.

Sorry Emmanuel, could you please provide me of a practical example of path string for Microsoft SQL connections, explaining where each parameter comes from?

Thank you very much

Here is an example that works (but changed the IP and the password for privacy reasons)

mssql://BUBBLE:password@ Database name

and each thing is


This is really something for your database admin staff.

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Sorry Emmanuel, but I don’t have any staff. It is just me.

I have a SQL Express database on my computer and I would like my app to connect to it and run queries on it.

How can I connect my database please? What exact steps do i do? I am using SQL management studio

Unfortunately this is a question for your individual set up. The connection string is what you would use in many SQL tools. If you’re not sure of what you’re doing using the DB Connector might not be the right fit.

But for example, let’s suppose you create a SQL Express database on your computer and you want to connect it to your app, what would you do?

You would enter the connection string in the DB Connector panel if it’s hosted on a server.

To connect Bubble to the database, the database needs to be accessible by the internet, i.e. your computer becomes a server.

You’d need to put in the external IP address of your internet connection, which can change unless you have a static IP arranged with your ISP.

Then make sure your firewall on the computer and the router allow traffic through the appropriate ports, and port forwarding from the router to the computer hosting the server. Some of this is listed in this (old) article:

There might also be network settings to turn on, according to this (old) article:

How do we store the data back to the SQL Server? Newly created action does appear under Data menu in workflow but after selecting it there is no option to Create or add fields to it.

Query works fine for data purposes.

If you use your query as an action it’ll be available in a workflow.

It is available in an action but there is no option add fields.

Did you add some parameters? It’d be helpful to share a screenshot of your settings.

Right, so you haven’t added any parameter. If you do so you’ll see them in the Property Editor.

For instance