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How to count a list within the newest thing

Hi everyone,

I have some Types called League, Seasons and Games
a League contains a field with Seasons and Seasons contain Games
Games have a Date Played field that is either blank if they have not yet been played or has a date if the game has been played.

I have created a repeating group that contains a list of leagues and one of the metrics I want to display is how many games have been played in the latest season (latest will have the newest creation date).

I cant figure out how to form the dynamic data to do this. Can someone help, please?

Hi there, @JamesP… I’m not sure how performant it will be, but I put together a quick example, and if I understand your post correctly, the following expression seems to produce the desired result.

Want to give something like that a shot?

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Again for your help.
It’s close and really gave me the info I needed to work it out.
Here’s what I ended up with:

Basically it needed a sort before taking the last item

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