How to create a barcode and print (in one click of a button)?

Hi all

I am trying to create a barcode and to print it in just a click of a button. I am sure many other people are aiming to solve the same issue. And i assume that a Plugin, especially made for this need, would find much appreciation! To all you contributors & Plugin makers… eg. @vini_brito :slight_smile:

Current steps that i try to get this thing working:

  1. create Barcode (with Plugin)
  2. generate a PDF with that Barcode in it (with Plugin)
  3. Print the Barcode/PDF (with Plugin & API Print Solution)

More in details:

1. create Barcode
Currently i am trying to create barcodes with the great plugin “Barcode & QR Code Generator” made by @nicholasrbarrow

The problem for me is that this Plugin only generates SVGs.

2. generate a PDF with that Barcode in it
I am using the wonderful Plugin “PDF Conjurer” made by @vini_brito. The Plugin works great. But i am not able to inut a SVG. Only images such as JPGs or PNGs are supported.

3. Print the Barcode/PDF
The Plugin “PrintNode - Remote Printing” by @maru works easy and is fast in setting up.

PrintNode is not very expensive but very reliable as i know. But unfortuatelly it only supports PDF or RAW printing.
Thats why i try to create a PDF with the Barcode on it.

If anyone out there has experience with RAW printing on a Dymo LabelWriter 450, then please let me know :+1: I have no idea how to set this up…

I tried the “SVG Coverter”-Plugin by @ZeroqodeSupport to convert the SVG to PNG or JPEG. But unfortunately that is not working, because the SVG that i generated by the “Barcode & QR Code Generator”-Plugin provides a Link that i save in my DB.
The “SVG Coverter”-Plugin can only convert SVG-Code that is inside the html (like the Chart Element as iin the example of ZQ). At least this is how i understand it. Please correct me.

Has anyone experience or issues the same problems?
Then i am inviting you to share your thoughts and solutions with others in this Thread

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Have you tried this plugin to generate QR code? It gives you image URL as output instead of SVG

Thanks, but i guess it’s only generating QR Codes. Not Barcodes.

Hello @store,

You can take a look at our PDF Converter plugin: Bubble Page to PDF converter Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode

We’ve tested it with SVG and it works properly. You would only need to display the link you saved in the database in a group/image element and generate a PDF.

Besides, you can check our free Print Plugin, here: Print Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode

Hope that helps!

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

@store try version 3.0.1 or above of my Barcode & QR code Generator, I included an action convert svg to png: Barcode & QR Code Generator Plugin | Bubble .

Thank you very much @ZeroqodeSupport ! Looks like a great way for everyone who wants to render the image first on screen and then to covert. For my case I’ll use @nicholasrbarrow 's update to convert in the same workflow step.


Hi! I’m in the same boat here. I need a barcode generated from a sequential number, just that. How did you make the workflow work?