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I try to make an app for restaurants. One of the features is the inventory (for the production kitchen) of all the products they reseive in the kitchen. I have the following idea in mind but I don’t know if this is possible in bubble. So I would like your opinion on this:

When they receive a product, they enter it manually in the database (such as name, quantity, expired date, lot…) they reseive . Then Bubble creates a QR code or barcode that is linked to this specific product from this delivery (so that we can trace this if there are errors). We can print out this QR code on a label and put it on that product. If we want to make a delivery note for our client, it would be useful if we only had to scan the CR code we make and bubble add it automatically to this delivery note.

So that’s the idea. Currently we have to manually look up this article (from this specific delivery) and that takes quite a long time.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. All info and input is welcome

Have you tried the QR/barcode plugins in the plugin store? A few on there seem to do what you need.

Hey @sander.vloeberghs :wave:

Yes, it’s totally possible. I love working with QR codes. So much nicer than a link.

Check out what @tzuork mentioned and search for QR in the plugins. You can use one like this:

This will allow you to create the QR Codes that you need.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks for the answer.
Do you also print them out? Because my biggest problem for the moment is to find a plugin so i can print labels for my dymo.

I know they have a few print plugins but for me as a beginner it look i can’t use them for printing labels.

Search this forum for the guy who built a laundromat/drycleaner app with barcode printing. He implemented what you are trying to…or at least something similar.

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Hey @sander.vloeberghs :wave:

This is what @Robert is talking about: ESC/POS Printing

Check it out. Hope that helps! :blush:


Awesome! thank you

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