How to create a follow user workflow

how to create a workflow for users to be able to follow each other just like on instagram

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thanks ill check it out…however what is meant by u’s retrieved user?

its just a user, i replied to one of your other posts with gibu by @keith
if you look at that you will understand

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thanks @anon65040322 for your help, now i’m left with creating a notification message for this ? say when the user i’m following posts something i get a notification…?

Hey @withabed, I wrote some very long explanations of how this all works in the original thread where I explained the technique:

^^^ start here and see my other replies in thread for more explanation

(Thx for the mention, @anon65040322)

can you send me the (anyone can view) link please i cant seem to open the other one?


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so how does the follow system work here, im a bit lost… ?
im looking for one that works just like instagram and others?

ymw Kieth

Note that @anon65040322 showed the basic follow/unfollow technique: Just put a field “Followers” or “Following” (depending on how you like to set this up) on the Thing that can be followed.

In @anon65040322’s example, his User object (User data type) has a list of Users on it called “Following”. So, if User1 wants to “follow” another user (User2), you just add User2 to User1’s Following list.

If User1 no longer desires to “follow” User2, you just remove User2 from User1’s Following list.

That’s what he shows.

The other part you asked about (“what’s this ‘retrieved user’ state about?”) is a component of how @anon65040322 uses a technique illustrated by the “gibu” demo app I created. That technique is a way of having URLs for profile pages (or whatever) where instead of the URL’s path having the unique ID of a Thing in it, the URL’s path looks like it has a more friendly name (like a “username” field on the User).

In terms of the follow/unfollow example, it’s just “some User object”. What is implied is that Current User is on some page of User type where the User being displayed is represented by u’s RetrievedUser. That expression is just “the User that Current User wants to follow or unfollow” in this context.

The “gibu” demo app does not illustrate follow/unfollow features, it just demonstrates a pretty comprehensive way to do these “friendly URLs”.

@keith & @anon65040322 i have successfully created a user follow system my database is showing that thanks to you guys, but the challenge now is im struggling to create a notification workflow where by when the user who is being followed posts something the user who is following them gets a notification?

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