Help...where am i missing the mark?

hie @emmanuel @romanmg @NigelG @neerja @mishav i have successfully created a notifications systems but im having two unsolved issues. These are the workflows you can go through them

  1. followers getting notifications from user that they follow only which is ok
  2. problem is users who are not on the followers getting notifications on all posts as well
  3. how to mark read and unread notifications ie. give a darker background to unread messages
  4. how to reset the notifications count back to zero once read. Right now the system keeps adding all notifications in the repeating group. i want a situation where a user has 2 unread notifications once they click on the bell it resets to zero and the next time a post is made it starts count from one and not three like what mine is doing .

many thanks guys

im getting no help…?

Looking at your data set up, it looks like there’s only one Notification for each user. I would have expected to see a list of notifications for each user, but it looks like you have a global set of Notifications that everybody sees. Did you follow some sort of tutorial to get this far? Or have you been building from scratch?

As far as the other challenges, it might be helpful to split questions 3 and 4 into separate threads, and focus this thread on how to get notifications for the intended user only.

@andrewgassen ive been building from scratch…how do i set a list for each user?