How to create an auto-pilot referral program widget for SAAS users

I am trying to create a web app that allows SaaS users to setup a referral program for all their customers.

Users will simply create a widget that triggers when someone clicks on a text inside their app, similar to this example: (

I am struggling with two aspects:

  1. How to generate a referral ID for all users. I don’t want to require all their customers to sign up for a program. What data source should I ask my users to connect to so that a referral ID is automatically created for all their users?

  2. How they can embed my Bubble app on their website?

Apologies if my query is not very clear.

Just a note that most referral programs tend to track successful sales, so integration with payments processors etc.

There are a lot of different ways to track an action like that, as far as your end goal are you intending for your app to primarily be backend and just track user actions on other peoples websites?

Here’s what I am trying to create:

A SAAS company signs up for our platform, connects their Stripe for payment tracking, and integrates a database of their existing customers (although I’m not sure how this will be possible).

We will generate a unique referral ID for each of their users.

Then, they can create a referral campaign in our app where they define the commission.

Finally, they can somehow embed our “referral popup” within their app. Now, their users can simply use that popup to get a readymade referral link, share it with friends, and we will track and attribute conversions if someone signs up using that link.

I am still trying to understand a few things:

  • What database should I ask SAAS company to link so that we can create a referral link for all of their users?

  • How can I design a popup inside Bubble that they can embed in their app, containing the unique referral ID of the user logged into the platform?

Something like this

link - Olly on X: “Word of mouth is now the biggest marketing channel for our SaaS. But we’ve never incentivised it, or rewarded our customers for sharing their love for Senja. Until now. We’ve partnered with @joincello to introduce a referral scheme directly into @SenjaHQ. Our customers get a…” / X (

Nice, thats a massive project.

Re DB, I would suggest you open an API endpoint for them to send user details to since you will need to sync this over time, add remove etc, this can then contain the ref ID.

Re embed a popup, while you can technically iframe something in there, it would look a bit clunky. I would suggest you just get the application themselves to be storing the ref ID of the user in their DB, or provide an api endpoint where they can pass an email address and recieve a ref ID.

Cool project!