Run Bubble app on a subdomain of existing domain on Hostinger

Hi everyone, I have a bubble app, which I want to run on some subdomain of a domain I already own on Hostinger, let’s say [mysubdomain].[myprimarydomain].com. How can I achieve that? Please note that a website is already running on my primary domain. In Hostinger, under domains tab, choosing my primary domain, “Domain Overivew”, “DNS / Nameservers”, “Domain Ownership” are all options that I’ve got. I know that it must have got something to do with domain settings in bubble and DNS records in Hostinger, but don’t know what exactly to do. Actually, I’m worried about messing things up with the already running website!

There’s a thread like this on the forum, but there seem to be no clear answer.

BTW, I’m not really familiar with domain and DNS stuff, a step-by-step help is totally appreciated!


of course this should be carefully planned. Especially if your site has some history and SEO. If you can change it and SEO is not your problem, than this should be straight forward. Instead pointing bubble to root domain, you will point to subdomain. Unless you hardcoded something like URL, it should all work. To create subdomain should be fairly simple. I do not use hostinger, but in other hosting providers it is just matter of adding name to the subdomain. Also bubble comes with https certificate so you should be fine with ssl.

Although it looks complicated for beginner, trust me you can do it.

Here is simnple explanation what to do:

  1. You will point bubble to new subdomain and bubble will give you necessary DNS records which you need to copy paste to hostinger see bubble guide also section about subdomain: Domain & DNS - Bubble Docs

  2. Once in hostinger you have their own manual how to add subdomain / DNS records to point to subdomain How to Create and Delete Subdomains in hPanel | Hostinger Help Center

It should be all and I’m sure your hosting support will help you too.

Good Luck


Thanks for your quick response. What is confusing me is that I’ve got my domain available only under the “Domains” tab in Hostinger, and not “Website” or “Hosting”. So there’s no option to create a subdomain, and all the tutorials use “Website” or “Hosting” sections. Would it be fine just to type in the [mysubdomain].[myprimarydomain].com in bubble and add the DNS records to Hostinger? Also thanks for mentioning the Hostinger support, I will try it!

OK, I took the procedure on Hostinger and it seems like I need to wait 24 hours to find out if it’s done correctly. Should I make bubble app live for this to work?