Creating a University Exam System with

Hi everyone, I’m looking to create an exam system for university students preparing for their exit exams. I want to use to create a quiz system with multiple choice questions where only one answer is correct. The exam will be scored out of 100 questions and if a student scores above 50%, they will pass. If they score less than 50%, they will fail. Does anyone have any experience or advice on how to do this? Thanks in advance!

I think it can be modified a little bit though, not sure if the “List of Questions (Question, list)” is really needed.

And probably combine some ideas from Adams post here:

More notably the Option Set to determine what format the question is in if different questions should be multiple choice, paragraph, yes/no, etc.

The 50% score pass/fail logic can just be done by putting a number field on the Quiz for the required minimum score needed to pass. Then when they click submit have it determine if if it’s a pass or fail by adding up all the scores of each answer.

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Thank you for your kind respose!

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Hi, I am interested as well, but I would like to give pupils things to draw as well as text. For me, it would be great if there would be a way to have a secure environment, then at the end the pupils can submit their tests and I get either a PDF or something with the things they drew and answers they gave. Would this type of thing be possible with

Yes it is