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Page different depending on user

how do i make a page appear different depending on the user? i have a profile page but it only shows the name and picture of the current user, while i want users to be able to see profile pages for other users. how do i implement this?

sort of like with twitter or facebook, if you go to facebook you see your own page, but you can click on another person to see their page, it doesnt show your page again. or with twitter, you see your own page, but you can go to another person’s page and see their twitter page, it doesnt show you your own page.

i want to have people be able to click on a link that leads them to another user’s profile page. but as in the twitter built with bubble, there isnt a profile page for each user, it just changes depending on the user. im not sure how to make this happen. how to make every user have their own page but also be able to visit another’s page and the page displaying info about that other user, rather than the current user.

The profile page should have a content type of User. Whenever you navigate to the page, you send user data to it in the same navigation action (it will create an error if you don’t).

For example, if you have a repeating group of users, and a button in the cell to view their profile, your workflow could be: when button is clicked > navigate to profile page, send data : current cell’s user.

This can be used for the current user as well since the current user is also a User. Say you have a menu with a link that says “my profile”… Same workflow applies. The data to send would be Current User.

Everything on that page should then reference “current PAGE user’s [field]”


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