How to navigate to individual profiles

hey, all I was wondering if I could get some navigation help. I want people to be able to go to other people’s profile pages by clicking their pictures, But for the life of me, i can’t figure out the proper workflow to do it. no matter what I do it just takes me to the current user’s profile page and not the one of the the I clicked.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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It would be most helpful if you included a screenshot of your workflow so we can see what specifically you need help with.

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hey, john I hope this picture helps us out. what I want is, when someone clicks the “who to follow profile pic” I want them to be taken to that person’s profile and not their own.

thanks for the reply john i hope you can help me :smiley:

Without seeing the actual action and what data you are sending it’s impossible to tell what’s going on. My guess is that you have created a profile page with user content and that you are sending “current user” to that page when you need to send the user you want to view, probably something like “current cells user”

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Hey Tyler :slight_smile: as @matt3 said - on your profile page, double-click the page to open the property editor, and set the type of content to be “User”. In the workflow for the screenshot you attached, the “Data to Send” should be “Current cell’s User”.

The next step is to make sure the elements on the profile page display the User’s information (who was just clicked on the index page), not the Current User. To set this up, have the dynamic expressions begin with “Current Page User’s [field]” instead of “Current User’s [field]”. This just tells Bubble to display the data of the User whose information was sent from the index page. For example, if you have an image element, the dynamic expression would be “Current Page User’s Profile Picture”.

In test mode, after the expressions and workflow is set up, you should see a long number in the URL on the profile page (after clicking on a User form the index page). This is that User’s unique ID, and allows Bubble to dynamically display that User’s information on the profile page.

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Thanks, guys you were a big help, the problem was exactly what you said @fayewatson I had to change the dynamic text of the profile image

thanks again @john3 @fayewatson


hi everyone do you have a video on this one am having toubles following this one

can i get help with this one i want to be able to move from view to profile page…please

It should be pretty straightforward. Each cell is a User, when you click the button, navigate to page “profile” and be sure to send “current cell’s user” to that page.

thanks andrew but its still not working.

is this error supoosed to happen

If your profile page is set to type = user, then the data to send should be a single user. So, you’d want “current cell’s user

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sir is this okay

As long as the data you’re sending matches the profile Page’s data type, you’re good. It looks like you have a valid expression.

thanks so much

how do i make this buttons dissapear when its not “current page user” logged in


does anyone have an idea on the quiz above