How to create add and remove skills functionality in profile

how to create add and remove skills functionality in profile. you can add new skills and they appear below and with an X button on the right to remove that skill.
like in Linky- Linkedin clone theme by zeroqode.

Also how to create additional functionality like

  1. circle profile pictures instead of a square. bar with filters to search. users profiles like in Linkedin.
    really hope you can help me with this.
    Thanks for the help

Hi @foundevour1

  1. You have to add Image and set it height and width to the same numer (i.e. 60x60). Then create a new style and set Roundness to the same amount.

  1. Great movie about search you can find here:
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Thanks Maciej, spent a lot of time trying to figure that out.

do you know how i can create this functionality on the front end and backend. when Add new skill is clicked a pop up lets you add skills and it is automatically added below and you can click on X to remove it. how to create that?

Could you please record a movie where you show it exactly it should work?

can you check out this link-

Its in the my profile section.

  1. POPUP
  • Use Reusable element and add this to page.

  • Hide this element on load and use workflow to show this element.

  • on button Add make workflow with Create a new item

  • Below use Repeating Group to show added skills

  • Use Repeating Group to show all added skills
  • Button “X” should have auto-binding option ON to edit elements in database in a moment.

Thank you Maciej. Really appreciate the help.

No problem @foundevour1. Let me know if my solution helps you :wink:

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