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How to create comment in blank page

Hello ! I’m new member at

I want to input name and comment details when hit submit button and it’ll show.
example like this pic (from sketch)

Thank you so much for your help. :smiley:

If you are new to Bubble, then the first thing you should do, it work through the lessons and the videos on the documentation page.

All the key concepts are covered there and you should find the enlightenment you need!


Dave is right go through the videos also this video below is pretty similar to what you are trying to accomplish. Seems like you need two text elements and a button element. Once you create the button link it to the text in workflow. Hope this helps

Now. I can create a comment box but I want to sort the last comment in the first line. How can I do ?

in this picture I want to put member2’s comment before member1

Thank you :smiley:

You specify the sort criteria in dialog you used to do the search…

It’s works! Thanks a lot :smiley: