Need help with creating a Database Table

Need step by step help for the following please:

  1. Creating a Database Table called “Comment”. It should have the following fields.

Comment (text)
Entry (Entry)
Commenter (User)

  1. Adding lists to both the Entry table and the User table

The “Saving stuff on the server” video explains one of the ways to create new things.



It’s best if you go through all of Bubble’s tutorials first. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of how the editor works.

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Thanks Ken, will check it out

I have gone through all of them, it’s just a few things aren’t clicking, I guess.
But, I’ll get there eventually.

How did you create the “Entry” table? Do the same with the new “Comment” table. Then add fields to the table (which I believe you also know how to do).

Comment = Name of the field
text = The field’s data type

Entry = Name of the field
Entry = The field’s data type

Commenter = Name of the field
User = The field’s data type

I haven’t created an “Entry” table. Managed to create the “Comment” table. However, can’t find the field data type called, “Entry”. Is this a result of not having created the “Entry” table?

Yes, once create the Entry table, you can then add the Entry field to the Comment table.

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