How to recreate the Bottom REPLY PREVIEW?

hello Guys,

I am trying to recreate the BOTTOM REPLY PREVIEW as used in the forum (the object coming from the bottom in a pretty way)

do we have a plugin out there that does it?

You could easily create a function that does the basic reply but adding the BOLD or ITALICS and so on will end up being more difficult and may require a plug since bubble doesn’t have a default custom text input element. I have a pretty good understanding when it comes to having a simple comment section for posts created but I have not seen the input element to create Bold or Italics or images.

What you first want to do is create a new database called comments or replies and add the fields: Body and Image. Then you would want to link those to the posts data base as ‘replies’ or ‘comments’ after that link it to the design in a repeating group. If you want to display the user who created the comment/reply’s name and/or image you would want to add a group at the top of the repeating groups cell and link it to the current cell’s creator. Next add a image element and link it to current cell’s creator’s profile image after that you can add a text element after and link it to current cell’s creator’s userName or Profile Name. If you want to display the date and time of which the replies is posted you can simply add another text element in the group with the creators name and image that is simply current cell’s creation date and that part is done.

Next, add a text element in the main portion of your replies repeatingGroup and link that to current cell’s Body which is the reply/comment text.

Finally you can add comment/reply input. This can be a popup, focused group or have it just right under or above the repeating group that always shows, that is the easiest way of adding into your post. Firstly get a normal group element and add that to your post and link it to current cell’s post’s replies, this is only if you are creating a posting function like social media, if not then I guess make sure everything is within the same group and linked to your posts. If you get that connect you next want to add an input bar or multiline input box, don’t link it to anything. Now add a finish/reply button to carry out the workflows.

You now want to create a new thing connected to comments/replies and and then connect the body to the input bar. Then you want to create a new thing connected to Result of step 1 and connect the everything together. Then as a good design measure reset all relevant inputs on the button.

Hope this helps give some sort of help if this is what you were wondering if not maybe it will help with any of your projects.

thanks Nate, very thorough answer! really appreciate it

but the thing I want to replicate is the animation of the group sliding up, and drag it up and down with the drag/drop element in the middle. Have you done something similar?

No, but what I can say is you can add a workflow to the reply element that animates it sliding up. That should be a good starting point. As for the slide up and down to change it’s size I have no idea if that is possible but knowing bubbles capabilities it could be. Just need to do some deep dive research on it and maybe you can find a answer. If I end up finding something out if I happen to want to add something similar to my projects it I can either reply back to you here or post it as a tip or solution in the forum section of bubble. But your welcome. Wish you luck man.

thanks, it was very simple but I Was feeling really lazy…

simply floating group with button to animate scroll up and down…:slight_smile:

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