How to create database views using more than one type of things?

I would like to create view using more than one type of things?

Please refer attached screen shot, I would like to combine data from “AppCompliance” and “Complianceinfo”. Is this possible in bubble?

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I’m assuming by “combining” you mean JOIN. As in, show rows from both that overlap. Because your outputting a new “type” (aka an output of a set of columns currently-unknown to Bubble), this will require you to build a backend page and display this information via a custom dev.

The absolute fastest way to do this is to logically output both tables side by side. So your eyes can scan both tables for the composite data that overlaps between the two.

Search for “Excel-like Handson Table” plugin for speed. Drop two in and set the “types” to your two types “AppCompliance” and then “Complianceinfo”. Then set the data sources respectively for each as:

-Do A Search For AppCompliance:Filtered
(Filter = UniqueIDColumn In Do A Search For Complianceinfo’s UniqueIDColumn)

-Do A Search For Complianceinfo:Filtered
(Filter = UniqueIDColumn In Do A Search For AppCompliance’s UniqueIDColumn)

The much slower, more painful way is to build a Repeating Group for your driver table (AppCompliance?) and then within the rows, add text fields where the data sources are individual joins to the Complianceinfo table.

Thanks a lot Jesse! It is much helpful…