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Data From Multiple Tables


I am working on a application where I have multiple tables (data types), and I need to create a report where I can show the data from multiple table and do some operations on it like add and substract and show in the repeating group, how can this be done in bubble?

For Example:-

I have a table A with attributes, ID, Item Code and Quantity,
and table B with same attributes:- ID, Item Code and Quantity

Now I want to show the quantity per Item Code in the repeating group

so, Table A has Item Code:- 11011010 and Quantity:- 500, Item Code:-22022020 and Quantity:- 1500
And Table B has Item Code:- 11011010 and Quantity:- 1000, Item Code:-22022020 and Quantity:- 2500

So the repeating group needs to show:-

Item Code :- 11011010 and Quantity:- 1500
Item Code :- 22022020 and Quantity:- 4000

Hope I was able to explain the problem

can someone help me in this?