How to create file exchanger? (developer needed)

I need to add on the marketplace template functionality of uploading files by seller and downloading files by the user.

Can you advise any course in that field?

Is anyone could do it?

Will appreciate any advice and tips on those tasks.
thank you

Hi @hlazunovdmytro,

I’m not sure what template you’re using, but if you want to allow sellers to upload files and buyers to download those files, this is certainly doable.

You’ll want to save the file that the seller uploads to your database. Once the file is in your db, you can use the “link” element and reference the file you want to link to. Hope this helps!

thank you.
I use the marketplace template.
Do you how much approximately it could cost do it?
Maybe you can do it?

Sure, I’d be happy to help. I’ll send you a PM :slight_smile: