How to create Group Tab 4 (SOLVED)

Hi - I am sure it is simple but I have tried everything and looked everywhere and can’t find it.

I have created a Group Tab Element. It has three tabs. How on earth do I add a new tab? I have tried copy and pasting Group Tab 3 content and copying Tab 3. It doesn’t make it possible to change to Group Tab 4 - it stays as Group Tab 3 (copy) - which means I can’t change the conditions to point to Group Tab’s current tab is 4.

Any help would be amazing!

Hey @abbie :slight_smile: You can do this by copy+pasting one of the tab buttons and changing it to Tab 4:

The workflow for that Button is similar to the others, but it’s going to change the value of the custom state ‘current tab’ to 4 (instead of 1, 2, or 3):

Then copy+paste one of the existing Group Tab Content groups, to create a new Group shown when Tab 4 is clicked, called “Group Tab 4 Content”:

Then to make sure that Group Tab Content 4 is only visible after the Tab 4 Button is clicked, change the conditional formatting on the Group Tab 4 Content to be:

Last but not least, change the conditional formatting on the Tab 4 Button so that its formatting changes when the custom state value is 4 as well:

In preview mode it should look like this:

And that should do it! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thank you!! These were amazing instructions. It still took me a little while to work out (making sure I was pasting into the correct spot) but I have done it. Thank you!

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