How to create in-app chat like facebook insta chat feature

I need help with plugins/ in making application like facebook messenger etc, the intention is not the live chat but to come up with chat between two users, where they can share media content as well.
I am looking to make following:

  • Accept/Reject Chat Request
  • Chat with other user
  • Share media
  • see older messages
  • Responsive and mobile application like view (not web based chat view)
    Need help with available plugins, tutorials and documentation.

I need implement chat between two users any help in that regard will be appreciated.

Hi! This plugin is SO good. I just found this after hours of trying to create my own messaging on my app. It’s beautiful, easy and free :slight_smile:

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Hi, did you ever found a solution? I’m looking for the same thing…

maybe this helps Mobile Starter Kit Template | Bubble
disclaimer: that’s my template…

If you’re looking for in-app chat like facebook or insta chat feature, do try AtomChat.
It’s an affordable and unique chat solution for websites, that can just be dragged and dropped on your site. It sets up chat on your site in minutes and get your users chatting in no time!

That’s a fantastic idea.
Integrating In App Chat API into your app to improve modern chat and messaging experiences with delivery receipts, offline messaging, and other features similar like Facebook and Instagram . If you were looking for a ready-made solution that could be integrated into your existing applications or websites.