How to create leaderboard based on votes earned from contest entries

Hi All.

Can anyone advise me on how to build a leader board that counts votes (purchased through stripe) for users on a contest platform? Essentially, users enter contests, share content with friends, friends vote for them. The user who has earned the highest amount of votes by the time countdown clock has ended wins.


this is about database set up…I’d research online about relational database structure.

Need a datatypes of contest and user

Contest needs datafield of votes and data field of users

User data type needs a data field of votes ( number )

Need to then figure out how to create a countdown and to filter out the user with most votes

If you want a user to win, then need to have a data field of votes with a relation to that user

it is not that difficult if you have an understanding of relational database structure and sit down with paper and pencil to first try to see the connections (relations) needed between different data tables ( data types )


That’s valuable input, thank you!

If you are very new to bubble and the entire world of programming I would definitely spend some time not only learning how to use bubble, but also important components of building an app, such as database design and responsive design principles.

I first started with no knowledge of either, and it set me back a bit. Firstly not understanding responsive design cost me time because I was building on bubble with terrible design, and then later after learning about design, I had to re-design everything. Would be fast to build for responsive design first.

Also lost time on without understanding relational database design as it cost time in having problems I couldn’t understand…usually why couldn’t I get the type of data I wanted to…it was usually that I didn’t actually have it in the database.

Other point if just starting would be to conceptualize and write down on paper first, what you want the app to do ( so you understand the kinds of pages you need ), how the app will do it ( so you know the type of data you need ) and ultimately how the app will execute the plan of what to do ( so you know how to have the data used or input on each page ).

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Awesome! thanks again.

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