How to create new thing using Webhook with list

Hopefully someone can give me some advice.

I use a webhook to receive data from an external source, it is tree tagging system. All trees in a certain area have the same data: Date, Batch Number etc…, but then each tree have individual properties as well: “Scan Log Barcode”, Diameter, Length etc…

This is what the Webhook structure looks like:

Raw Data:

How do I create a new thing for each of the items in the list?

The following fields should be included in each of the new things:

  • “Date”
  • “Batch Number”
  • “Batch Reference Number”
  • “Transport Company”
  • “Plantation”
  • “LogSupplierAccNo”
  • “Delivery Note”

As well as the the individual tree data:

  • “Scan Log Barcode”
  • “Tag failed to scan Failed or New”
  • “Photo of Barcode”
  • Etc…

It is easy to create a new thing from the 1st 8 fields once, but I need to add the 1st 8 fields to each of the records in the list.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I would try create a new table data to RepeatFollows array, relative a main table.
In this way you can create a looping backend workflow to save the RepeatFollows array infos.

This is a first step that you can try :slight_smile:

I believe this video will help

Thank you so much for sending me this video, after a bit of trial & error I managed to get the Webhook to work 100%.

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Great to know! All the best